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Sample installation


size 345 x 345 mm
wight 0,90 kg
price: 205 CZK/m2
size 400 x 400 mm
wight 1,25 kg
price: 200 CZK/m2
size 350 x 350 mm
wight 0,90 kg
price: od 270 CZK/m2
Detail SK1
sample of storage
sample of implementation

Properties, material

The roofing is made of the recycled plastic cable insulants. As for the material composition it is flexible PVC. The used material can contain tiny remnants of metal, rubber or other thermoplastics, which do no harm. This material is highly resistant both to weather influences, UV-radiations and mechanical damages, its properties prevent the roofing from moss-clinging and growing. After its laying the roofing adheres perfectly to the foundation and particular templates in their middle part bend moderately and thus it makes a final and very specific nature of the roof. As the roofing is so flexible it can be successfully used for round and semi-round roof parts for which metal plates are commonly used. The roofing resists very well to high summer and very low winter temperatures. This material has been very popular for tens of years in electrical engineering as an insulating surface of both outside and inside cables. The years of experience prove the versatile use of this material, which has recently been so well-known and popular.

CAPACCO is little-format folded roofing. It is used for covering sloping and high-pitched roofs. It aims new buildings and restorations. The roofing will appeal mainly to those of you who prefer a striking look and an attractive price.
Another strength of the roofing is its low weight – it aims restorations because there is no need to strengthen the roof beams.
The roofing composition insures its frost and impact resistance, resistance to bio-degradation and weather conditions.

To work with the roofing you´ll need standard roofing tools.
The roofing is environmental friendly.
Its black-and-grey colour reminds of natural slate.
Thanks to the used material (PVC is self-extinguishing) the roofing is distinguished by very good resistance to inflammability.

Since March 2013 we have been producing a new version of the roofing – CAPACCO SK1 and SK2, the fake slate.
It truly copies the look of natural slate.
It is provided with 5 assembly holes facilitating a laying and an identification logo on its lower side.

Warranty period: We guarantee our product for 20 years.
Lifetime: In view of the used material we anticipate long 40-year lifespan.
Fire classification: Broof (t1) category
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