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Since the very beginning of CAPACCO establishment we have been dealing with an eco-idea of using plastic cable insulants, which used to lie to no avail in waste disposal sites. We tested the technology of material processing in the grass cassettes production, which we had started with. In view of the fact that it concerns PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is characterized by a self-extinguish ability and good resistance to UV-radiation, we got an idea of using this material for roofing production. However, it´s necessary to emphasise that in those days there hadn´t been any experience with plastic roofing, therefore a range of testing and verifications of the quality as for a long-range use had to be done.
How did it go?
In spite of the initial scepticism towards the plastics, our roofing soon became favourite one. Apparently, also on the base of that some years later other producers of plastic roofing appeared and started using also different thermoplastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester etc. (domestic waste disposal, waste disposal from automotive industry or PET bottles). Nevertheless, all these cases apply to thermoplastics with different properties, either mechanical or chemical, and therefore they can´t be considered the same material. The PVC material used by us is extremely advantageous for its self-extinguish ability leading to the final good resistance to inflammability of the produced roofing. Taken from this point of view, in comparison with other kinds of plastic roofing which are currently produced, the quality of our roofing is on much higher level.
Our products are tested by Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, SOE. The CAPACCO roofing is protected by the utility model at the Industrial Property Office.
People buy this roofing as it is relatively cheap, durable, absolutely maintenance-free, and resistant to weather conditions, UV-radiation and hails. It aims at new buildings and houses undergoing restoration.
Last but not least, let´s take it from the ecological point of view. Before we started processing this kind of waste and transferred it into a gainful input material, hundreds tons of them had been filling waste dumps. However it must be emphasised here that not each cable waste can be used. We do lay a big stress on checking, clearness and quality of the material and thanks to years of our extensive experience with processing this recycled material we are able to achieve very good quality of the final product.
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